The Equine Sanctuary-Ojai-California

The Equine Sanctuary

Every day hundreds of extraordinary horses are injured at the race track, on polo fields, and in all equestrian disciplines. Top athletes who gave it their all, in one defining moment go from star champions to broken, useless financial burdens the next. They rarely find their way to retire in a green pasture. Instead, most are inhumanely trucked to slaughter houses, hung upside down from a hind leg, and eviscerated with a knife while still conscious. This is the fate for even champion race horses like Ferdinand, who in 1986 won or placed in all of the coveted triple crown races.

The Equine Sanctuary is a non-profit organization located in the tranquil valley of Ojai, California. We specialize in the professional sport horse who once injured find themselves in circumstances where there is no longer sufficient time or money for their continued care. Most of these horses are unsuitable for placement with non-professionals. They often require extensive veterinary care and are at high risk of slaughter for human consumption.

We are in our fifth year of operation and are unique in that we provide full-spectrum, individualized alternative and allopathic care. We offer customized nutritional programs, homeopathy, endocrine-immune monitoring, acupuncture, chiropractic, neural pathway reprogramming, massage, corrective shoeing and when necessary, surgery. Once physically rehabilitated, the horses are re-schooled in ground manners and are taught basic dressage. Most of the horses we rescue can be placed in new homes and have a long productive life with their adoptive families. Others, whose injuries, mental or physical require a higher level of ongoing care, remain here as Goodwill Ambassadors or permanent residents.

The Equine Sanctuary
Ojai, California 93023
Phone: 805-453-4567

Polo Horse Rescue

Please take a moment to watch their Public Service Announcement and support them with your time or other donation if you can.

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