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Welcome to the barn! I’m the head of the herd, a gelding you can call Road Apple. I wanted to be a stallion but there was an accident with a clipper that, well, I can’t talk about it without crying.

Where was I?

Oh ya. This here website is called stupid horse tricks for a reason. I can’t quite remember what it is right now, but that’s what it’s called.

Oh got it. The domain was available.

Actually, we want to talk about horses, horse training, fun horse tricks, funny horse pictures and horse videos.

We think messing around with horses is a heck of a lot of fun and that training beyond the basics with tricks and such can enrich the horse and rider relationship. It also impresses the equine boogers outta the greenhorns.

So kick around our stalls a spell. No cribbing please.

If you’ve got a technique for teaching a horse trick you want to share, send it on in through our contact page. We’d love to see your funny horse pictures and funny horse videos too.

Share them with us in our horse picture gallery! Just register and upload – it is free!

PS: Please be sure the horse videos and photos belong to you ’cause we can’t run nothing ya tivo’d off the tele. You don’t want those money grubb’n lawyers from Fox TV bangin on our door, do ya? They’re worse then them revenue agents.

And would you please scrape that stuff off your boots before you come in? We just swept the floor.

Enjoy the free horse videos we rustled up below for ya, bookmark this site, come back often to see the news about the normal, weird and wonderful world of horses, and link to us please.

Enjoy this very funny video about Patches, a small horse that goes for rides in the car, fetches beer and answers the phone. Got something like this on video yer’self? Share it with us!

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